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Today, the Hotel is no longer a catacomb of halls and empty rooms. Gone are the lights, the beds, the bountiful facilities - even its coherence as one place. Instead, it is now a sprawling continent, from hulking mountains in the cold north to the deep oceans on the shore, all with its own history.

This land is called Eros.

Eros is not unlike the feuding era of Europe's dark ages, complete with lords, ladies, and knights. However, this land also has differences. Magic once existed here - magic powered by worship of the arcane gods and indulgences of carnal desire - and even know, there are whispers of strange creatures out in the wastes, only held back by the bravery of a few dedicated watchmen. Yet this is not the only turmoil. Once, ages ago, the country was divided, all lands ruled by different great families and those loyal to them. Then, that age was shattered by an invasion of a warlord king and his sister-wives, bringing along with them terrible creatures. Dragons, they say. One by one, the kings of old bent the knee...and bent over to show their loyalty. For, as has been previously implied, sex is the number one commodity in Eros, and the very air the inhabitants breath and the very food they eat conditions them for it. It is a form of worship, a show of fealty, the way to assume guest's rights within a home, a way to seal alliances, through marriages and producing heirs, and even, in some places, a form of currency. From a young age, noble and lowborn children alike are taught its importance. Still, there are taboos: relations between classes and between family members are strictly forbidden and monogamy is encouraged among women. The anti-incest sentiment is particularly strong, considering that the conquering race practiced it without discretion. This inbreeding led to madness, which itself ultimately led to overthrow. Now, a new king reigns in Eros, yet things are not peaceful. The great houses are restless under this rule, the king's house is rotting from within, and machinations behind the scenes are always vying for new power. The world's a dangerous place, no matter who you are.

And what are you? You believe you belong here, that you've been in this world your entire life, but your position could be anything from lord to peasant, from priestess to whore, from knight to watched. One thing is certain, however. The name of the game is sex, and in the game of sex, you fuck or you die.

Highborn Prompts
1. The Great Houses
2. Vassal/Bannerman/Member of a Subservient House
3. Vying for the Kingship
4. Guest's Rights
5. Alliances
6. Arranged Marriage/Courting
7. Courtly Love/Affair
8. Ladder climbing
9. Lady wife or noble husband
10. Spoil of war/hostage
11. Turncoat
12. Revenge

Lowborn/etc prompts
1. Peasant
2. Bastard/Parent of a bastard child
3. Watchers
4. A bargaining chip
5. Whore
6. Pleasure servant
7. Working sex magic
8. Worshipping the gods
9. Craftsperson
10. Supernatural creature
11. Uncultured foreigner
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-fully GoT or just GoT-inspired for those less canon familiar?
-how to facilitate fucking? got is full of it but not quite tlh levels.
-anything else?
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Let your virtual dreams guide you to the ultimate sensual challenge.

An open post in the form of a multi-setting fantasy world in every flavor possible.
  • Futuristic/space age
  • Horror
  • Fantastical/middle ages
  • School
  • Western/cowboys
  • Suburbia
  • Host(ess) club
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  start   future   horror   fantasy   school   western   suburbia   host   read first  
  start   future   horror   fantasy   school   western   suburbia   host   read first  

The sky's the limit, people used to say. Not in the year 2112: now you can be on holiday in Hawaii without ever leaving your home's personal holodeck, or take a cruise out to colonies on the moon if you get the urge to travel, or even just visit one of the roving, floating cities that act as orbiting pleasure palaces complete with parks, shopping malls, and amusement centers. But sometimes it's so hard to remember the wealth of opportunities to you with so much freedom. And it certainly can get a little lonely waking up day after day in your sky scraper home all by yourself. Run the treadmill, put in your two hours of work at the sprocket factory, watch the news: that still leaves you with an awful lot of free time. Maybe it's time you tried to find somebody to share it with, or at least shake yourself out of that awful rut you've gotten into...

(Floating city)
(Futuristic home)
(Space ship)
(Alien bar)

Protagonist: A bored, possibly lonely individual looking to shake up the rut they've gotten into as a citizen in a utopian future.

-Android Performer *Androids are non-living beings that are made to look and act like humans.
-Cyborg Neighbor: *Cyborgs are living beings that have robotic or mechanical parts
-House robot / servant
-Hologram / House AI
-Spaceship captain
-Clones (of protag or just general clones of other people)
-Time traveler / Cryogenically frozen & awoken individual
-The Alien next door
  start   future   horror   fantasy   school   western   suburbia   host   read first  

Setting: Cherry Lane in Love City has always been your average suburban neighborhood: identical houses, carefully trimmed lawns, cheerful families with 2.5 kids—that is, except for that one house at the end of the street that's always stood dark and empty. Only, now it's not so empty anymore. Last week moving vans arrived and silently unloaded someone's belongings into the manor, and now a mysterious new family's taken up residence there. Rumor has it they may have something to do with the old, abandoned town just outside city limits, or the strange graveyard just behind their property. What's fact and what's fiction? You won't know until you go to find out, super-sleuth!

(Deserted city)
("Haunted" house)
(Drawing room)

Protagonist: A curious individual in the neighborhood trying to find out more about the new family who's just moved in.

-Shapeshifters of other sorts
-Japanese demon
-Incubus / Succubus
-Damned / immortal person
  start   future   horror   fantasy   school   western   suburbia   host   read first  

There is nothing so discomfiting to a lord or lady as being told that one must find a suitable match or face disinheritance, but that's exactly the dilemma you find yourself in. Luckily for you, lord or lady, you have a sizeable dowry or plot of land along with your title to back up your good name, so you ought to have your pick in the neighboring kingdom. Will you try to strike an alliance by wooing the widowed ruler, or threaten to the stability of a strong marriage with adultery? Or perhaps you will seek someone younger and free such as yourself. Or maybe you will throw caution to the wind by seeking frivolity with someone of a lesser station—those servant girls and knights are all quite fetching. The choice is up to you!

(Throne room)

Protagonist: Suitor is a lord or lady of repute from a neighboring kingdom or something.

Cast: -King/Queen (adulterous or widowed)
-Prince / Princess
-Wizard / Sorceress
-Lady-in-waiting / knight
-Chamber maid / stable boy
-Peasant girl / huntsman
-Valiant rogue outlaw
-King's Fool
  start   future   horror   fantasy   school   western   suburbia   host   read first  

High school: love it or hate it, everyone's got strong memories about it. As a brand new student (or new faculty member) you're probably feeling pretty nervous about all of these brand new faces. But not to worry, more's the same than is different in these places: you'll find the same cliques here as the school you came from. The good news is, now you have room for a fresh start—and new relationships. Who will you ask to show you the ropes—the nerdy art chick? The guy who's always cracking jokes in class? Or maybe you have something for your sexy gym coach. Anyway you go, you can't lose. Go team!

(Football field)
(Faculty office)

You're a new student or faculty member adjusting to your new academic home.

-Art student / nerd
-Goth kid
-Jock / Athlete
-Class Clown
-Rebel (without a cause)
  start   future   horror   fantasy   school   western   suburbia   host   read first  

It's dusty, rough town you find yourself in: everyone's looking to fulfill their dreams and get rich, and there aren't a whole lot of rules to be had. This oasis in the desert brings together an interesting motley of characters: hardened heroes, dance hall girls looking for love and stability, prospectors hoping to strike black gold—you may even find yourself at the mercy of the bandit queen or the leader of a band of outlaws! Make your decisions right and you never know, there may just be enough space in the town for the both of you, pardner.

(Main street)
(Cowboy camp)
(Train station)

You're a person fresh off the train or cowboy looking for work.

-Bandit queen / outlaw / train robber
-Oil tycoon / new-money widow
-Saloon dancer / performer
-Bar keep
-Socialite / gentleman from out east
  start   future   horror   fantasy   school   western   suburbia   host   read first  

What to do? You're too old for summer camp or a sitter, but your parents don't trust you to be alone while they're away on an expensive extended vacation. Looks like you'll also be taking an extended vacation—with a friend of the family or an aunt or uncle. It's not all bad news, though. They've got a pool, at least one of their kids is more or less around your age, and you'll probably get away with all kinds of stuff you wouldn't back home! Sure, you'll probably have to share a room with somebody, but sharing is caring isn't it? Now that you're here, you're one of the family, which means you'll get to go where they go and probably have to share a room with somebody. You can get to know any of the three siblings, mom or dad, even the maid or pool boy. Mi casa es su casa, but remember to be on your best behavior for your host family! Who knows, you might be earning something more than just brownie points...

(Amusement park)
(Living room)

You're either a neighbor's teenage son/daughter or a cousin who needs a place to stay while their parents are away on a vacation overseas..

-Stay at home dad / working dad
-Stay at home mom / working mom
-Eldest sibling (boy/girl)
-Middle sibling (boy/girl)
-Youngest sibling (boy/girl)
-Pool boy
  start   future   horror   fantasy   school   western   suburbia   host   read first  

Everybody needs a little love and attention every now and again. But if you can't get it from real life, where can you turn to? As long as you don't mind something that's fake, in this day and age it's possible to seek attentive conversation from the staff at "host" or "hostess" clubs or the cutsier butler or maid cafes. Beautiful men and women will pour you drinks, attend to your desire for snack food, even go so far as to light your cigarettes for you while you unload all your troubles and sorrows. There's someone here for everyone, and you'll get to take your pick, from the outrageously flirty to the quiet ice king or queen or even that boy that might really be a girl. But do beware; it's an expensive habit, and after all that flirting, it's easy for the lines between customer and something more to become hazy in a regular client's head. –Or is it just you that's starting to get confused here...? It's inappropriate, but you may only find out if you invite them to dinner or karaoke—or more—afterward.

(Love Hotel)

You're a lonely, quite probably over-worked man or woman looking for attention and someone to listen to them.

-"Types" (consult here for more info)
  start   future   horror   fantasy   school   western   suburbia   host   read first  

The Love Hotel would like to present to you a little something for all those lonely hearts out there. Ubiquitously known as TLH: The Dating Sim, this program can be found on any of the computers around the hotel. For those too shy to be seen playing publicly, a laptop with the appropriate software can be delivered to their room. Expect the campy, the corny, the stereotypical: this is a dating sim after all. You may find as you play though you recognize the people playing the character you’re attempting to woo. And that’s no accident; the Hotel has used AI profiles of all its guests to build its character database! Beware, though, this game is probably more immersive than you’re used to!

  1. In your subject line, please indicate your character’s name, fandom, and gender preferences!
  2. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR COMMENT EMPTY. Empty comments will be deleted. What do you need to put in your comment?
  3. i. Which setting you want to play.
    ii. Whether or not you want to play with cheat codes on (see below)
    iii. Some kind of yes/no permissions or kink list.

    Please feel free to use the following code in your post to help with this, or feel free to make your own:
  1. Tag into each other’s posts. The person creating the original post defaults to protagonist unless stated otherwise! Feel free to be creative with the opening scenarios and cast list: these are suggestions to help you, not a set of commandments from on high. Note: By default, you will start at the beginning. If you and your partner are both up for it, you can always choose the LOAD option and pick up mid-game or at the end from your last save point.
  2. The goal of a dating sim is to get to that very sexy, sexy end. However it’s not a guarantee, and as an homage to the genre, we’ve tried to keep in line with that! Every few posts, the person playing the cast member should create a “flag post.” This is a tag which seems normal but at the end gives the protagonist a list of two to four choices to pick from for reactions, making it an exciting, choose-your-own-adventure game that will advance or regress the relationship of the characters depending on the appropriateness of the action! So what happens when the protagonist picks an option?
  3. a. Pick the “good” answer: get a heart on the cast member’s meter! ❤( We recommend putting these in the cast member’s subject line to keep track of.)
    b. Pick the “neutral” answer: nothing happens.
    c. Pick the “bad” answer: Lose a heart, or enter the ☠zone, which is an awful lot like the friend zone, only less pleasant. (Again, we recommend copying this symbol in the cast member’s subject line.)

  4. After a “flag” post, it’s generally a good idea to wrap up the particular “scene” with another short tag or two and do a time skip to another interaction with the character for more realistic relationship development.
  5. If you hit 4 hearts, congratulations! You’ve maxed out the luuuv meter and you trigger the super sexy game content.
  6. But wait! What if I have multiple crossbones? Or I just can’t seem to get there? Or what if I just can’t be bothered to go through all that work for my smut?

Everybody knows there’s always certain glitches or Easter eggs included in games that let you do things that the creators didn’t necessarily have (officially) planned. The Love Hotel’s Dating Sim is no different, and someone has been so kind as to leave you a list of possible codes. The following codes can be entered in at any time (with your partner’s permission) to trigger the following:
  • ♋SMUTTALICIOUS♋: The simplest of the codes , this one just skips you straight to a sex scene.
  • ♋SMUTTALICIOUS SQUARED♋: You thought four hearts was maxed out? Try sixteen. This code acts as a heavy aphro option, just in case you want your partner to be super head-over-heels for you.
  • ♋NEVER SAY NEVER♋: Triggers a smut scene too but with the difference that this scene is one outside the cast member’s usual comfort zone! Ex: A stoic character brings you to a bed strewn with rose petals and candles. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not an excuse to do something outside your roleplay partner’s comfort zone. Please be open and honest and respectful of one another here!!
  • ♋I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU♋: This cheat code triggers both ‘dislike’ and a smut scene. Hatesex for the win!
  • ♋IT’S COMPLICATED: Wrong answers earn you a skull and right answers earn you a heart, but they all stack together. Warning: May make for some very hot, but very confusing, sex.
  • ♋FISH OUT OF WATER♋: Ever want to find out how a housewife of modern-day suburbia would take to being in a horror setting? The future? The wild west? For the lulz, lift your wooing partner out of their proper setting and into one of your choice.
  • ♋HARDER AND LONGER BABY!♋: For the more experienced gamer, start the game off with your character in the negative zone earning half the hearts for each correct answer.
  • ♋DOUBLE OR NOTHING♋: For those experienced gamers who just can’t be satisfied by one partner, try for two!
  • ♋CODENAME COCKBLOCK♋: Perhaps you’ve maxed out all those hearts, but for some reason you’d like the PG-13 ending instead. We can do that, too!

    • As always, be good to each other. Respect those kink lists and preferences!
    • DO NOT LEAVE YOUR POST BLANK. Blank posts will be deleted. Please see “before you start” for advised content.
    • Major thanks and credit for the original code and idea goes out to Neko at [personal profile] superfluousaccount. Thank you for allowing us to adapt this into an open post at TLH for everyone to use. Without you this would not have happened.
    • Neko’s original code and ideas have been revamped by [profile] paradisefound and [personal profile] helperanon.This Open Post was designed for use at [community profile] the_love_hotel.
    • PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS OPEN POST WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION. We’ll be happy to share and adjust this post for use at other communities, but we want to have creative control here.

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The Carnival is in town.

It sprung up last night, grown in the middle of a vast field, crushing grass to mud beneath boots and truck-wheels and canvas tents. By evening, the lights come on; an eerie, mechanical music drifts over the midway; an alluring smell scents the night air; the Ferris wheel gleams, a distant beacon for visitors. Come, come and see, look at the horrors, the wonders, the thrills… step out of the skin of your lonely, grey life for a night and experience the fantastic.

The Carnival is vast, and of many parts.

The Midway is open as you wander in. Everywhere, bells sound, cymbals clang, jaunty tunes jarring and jousting from stall to stall. The food smells of grease and salt and sweet; there are hot dogs and burgers, funnel cake, corndogs, cotton candy. Beware of the food; it may fire you with lust, or give you impulses you never had before. There are games. Ring tosses, strength tests, shooting games, gambling games. They will entrance you, if you are not careful. You will drift to them and play and play and play until you lose everything -- and then you will belong to the stall. Or perhaps you'll be one of the rare winners, and you'll be able to select your prize from among the losers. You can take anything you want from them…

Off of the Midway, you may find the sideshows, full of strange beings. Men and women with lizard's skin or animal's ears and tails, or joined together, contortionists and sword-swallowers -- or, in the darkened back rooms, you may find women with breasts freakishly large, men with cocks far too long, or with vaginas, or in-between creatures that are male and female both. Watch them give you a show, reach out to touch them or milk them or abuse them, or perhaps rent one out for yourself.

By these, there is the tent for a burlesque dance, known as the cooch, in which strippers bare skin for your pleasure, in strange and convoluted dances, with painted skin and eerie costumes. They may take you to the stage and have you participate, or you may find yourself so overcome with arousal that you must relieve it -- perhaps with your neighbor, as the tent dissolves into a darkened orgy, perhaps by purchasing the time of a dancer after the show.
Take a left, from the Midway, and you'll find the magic show, led by a magician who entrances with fire and tricks. Find yourself volunteering, moving like a puppet to everything he (or she) says, dancing at will. You'll do anything, so long as you are commanded to.

Next to this broods a haunted house lined with cobwebs and populated by creaks and groans and mysterious rattles echoing down darkened hallways. The rooms are pitched in shadow, windows curtained and boarded, lit only by unreliable bulbs and flickering candle-light. You don't know what you might encounter here; perhaps the ghosts are real, and they will steal you away with cold, insubstantial fingers. Perhaps demons lurk around the corners and would have their wicked way with the wandering customers. There are things in the lower floors, things with tentacles and glistening eyes. The hall of mirrors, upstairs, may have strange effects; reflections are often distorted, if you can find your way out, you may find that you have become that distorted reflection. Perhaps your reflection might even come to life, and you might be able to touch and speak with an identical version of yourself.

At the center of the carnival, the circus. Tiers of seats for the audience lead down to the center ring, where someone is always performing. A ringmaster cracks a whip over tricking animals that are, on closer examination, human themselves, collared or altered, acting in absolute obedience to the ringmaster.

So visit, innocent one. Count yourself lucky to go home after; count yourself lucky that you haven't been trapped, forced to perform into eternity.

The Ringmaster stands alone
amid the charred remains
of the big top.

A canvas masterpiece
once a kaleidoscope
of joy
and laughter
now a burned
blackened skeleton.

  • This post is a collaboration between [personal profile] ladyboneranon, [personal profile] helperanon, and [personal profile] foundparadise.
  • As per usual, comment with your characters, using the regular format (Name | Canon | Preferences)
  • PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR COMMENT BLANK, but there are two other options. The first is to come up with a scenario, and the second is to fill out a short form to let others know about your character.

    Character Name:
    Yes: For kinks/ideas
    No: For kinks/ideas
    Short Description of Character:

  • Respect each other and have fun!
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Protag: Suitor is a lord or lady of repute from a neighboring kingdom or something.

Cast List:
King/Queen (adulterous or widowed)
Prince / Princess
Wizard / Sorceress
Lady-in-waiting / knight
Chamber maid / Stable boy
Peasant girl / Huntsman
King's Fool

Background setting: castle + courtyard + gardens + surrounding village + possibly forest
Protag: new student or faculty member adjusting to new school

Art student / Nerd
Goth kid
Jock / Athlete
Class Clown
Rebel (without a cause)

Setting: high school grounds + sports areas
Protag: ??

Cast list:
Bandit queen / Robber baron
Oil tycoon / New-Money widow
Desperado / Cowboy
Dance hall dancer
Bar keep
Socialite / Gentleman from out East

Setting: boom town, saloons, gambling halls, dusty streets, rickety hotels / taverns
Setup: Strange new family has moved into the spooky house next door, protag hopes to discover their secret(s).

Cast list:
Japanese demon
Incubus / Succubus
Demi god of some kind

Setting: spooky house, regular neighborhood, protag's house
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You are a fascinating specimen. A paragon; an exemplar. You are just what we need to fill our collection. A zoo must be thorough, after all, and rare sentient specimens are very important to refine our exhibitions.

Welcome to the Intergalactic Zoo, a facility in the Love Hotel designed to collect and display as many samples of different species' as possible. Of particular interest to these collectors is sexuality; you may find many of the exhibits focus on that at least periodically. Only a handful are spared this sort of prurient attention.

The habitats themselves are well-furnished and comfortable. Exquisitely designed to duplicate the ideal of your natural habitat! -- or, well. The idea of your natural habitat, anyhow, and the aliens perhaps haven't done all of their research perfectly. The construction might be wildly stereotypical, such as a row of teepees and headdresses for everyone, or a perfect 1950s-style nuclear household, or it might be wildly out-of-time, such as a set of spaceship quarters from the future or a rough shack from the distant caveman past. The zookeepers probably won't listen to any protests. After all, you're just the animals in the exhibit! What do you know?

Food comes regularly, and it is carefully selected to produce an ideal diet. Better hope you're in one of the exhibits where it comes cooked at regular mealtimes, and not in one of the exhibits where they drop in a goat and some firewood and let you fend for yourself. Oh, and remember that it's the zookeepers' job to keep you clean and warm and safe, so you'd better not rebel when they strip you to be properly washed.

Reproduction is encouraged; the zoo always likes little ones. They're so much more docile when they're raised in captivity. Moreover, reproduction itself can be very educational. The best zoo animals are ready and willing to perform when bystanders are ready to watch. But, if the animals aren't that willing, the zookeepers are happy to step in and… well, help things along.

For the most interesting specimens, the habitats may even be open to visitors, making a lovely petting zoo. Expect to be leashed for customer safety. Perhaps muzzled or bridled. Only the very sweetest, least temperamental exhibits are allowed to wander and be petted freely.

While your habitat is your home, the zoo has many purposes you can fill, and some of them involve travel. First of all, specimens such as yourself are invaluable for educational demonstrations. These may take place in the zoo proper, in certain amphitheaters designed to display such things, or you may even be taken to a school or a public venue to be shown. This could be something as simple as an anatomy lesson with a zookeeper, or as complex as an hours-long performance of reproduction, complete with the opportunity for students to step up and 'pet' you themselves.

The zoo has to make a profit, too, however, and the way they do that is to rent out their exhibits. Perhaps there's a birthday party that would love an exotic exhibit to come sing and dance for them. Or a group that would like to indulge some more unusual tastes in sensuality. For the right price, the zoo will even allow tests of strength and endurance, including brutal fights between exhibits. Some might be rented out to provide rides for any customer who wants it.

Now, just sit back and we'll take care of everything! Trust us; after long, you'll get used to everything being handed to you. The best zoos, after all, are the ones where the animals don't even want to escape!

  • This post is a collaboration between [personal profile] cerebel, [personal profile] helperanon, and [personal profile] foundparadise. It's in a similar vein as the Breeding Stable Open Post.
  • As per usual, comment with your characters, using the regular format (Name | Canon | Preferences)
  • You can leave your comment blank if you wish, but there are two other options. The first is to come up with a scenario, and the second is to fill out a short form to let others know about your character.

    Character Name:
    Yes: For kinks/ideas
    No: For kinks/ideas
    Short Discription of Character: Nothing fancy. For example, "Sally is a tough pirate girl. She loves her friends and her pet parrot, Jimmy."

  • Respect each other and have fun!

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“You fuck me, then snub me. You love me, you hate me. You show me a sensitive side, then you turn into a total asshole. Is this a pretty accurate description of our relationship, Tyler?”"A condom is the glass slipper for our generation. You slip one on when you meet a stranger. You dance all night, and then you throw it away. The condom, I mean, not the stranger."
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"To see a world in a grain of sand
and heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
and eternity in an hour."

-William Blake

And then, the world ended.

Perhaps it was with a whimper or with a bang, but everything you knew is gone now. Yet life continues, as it always has. The world has been reborn. And you, somehow, you have survived all the destruction and have become a resident of the new clean slate of a world. How fortunate. Yet, this fortuity comes with a price: you are now one of the two remaining sapient creatures in this world. Yes, there are only two.

The pair of you do have a whole world to yourselves, or at least the expanse of a lush and tropical garden, very much like the Biblical Garden of Eden. There are trees and flowers and bushes as far as the eye can see, topping the rolling hills all the way to an azure shore. All of this seems to be untouched by man. And why wouldn't it be? The two of you are the first to tread on this land. You are the gods of this new world.

...or are there other gods, perhaps ones who are keeping this world safe for you and making sure the two new beings come together and fulfill their purpose as the new Adam and Eve of the world. The old, crumbling stone temple near the beach hints something like this. Why would there be a temple if there was nothing to worship?

But you have other things to concern yourself with.

Despite how you may have been in your old world, now you feel the need to stay with your single companion, whether it be an inexplicable magnetic draw or a need to survive. Certainly, it's easier with two people out here. You awaken without even the clothes on your back, and there is no technology, and powers are weakened. Thus, life must be lived as it was in the primitive days. Hunting, gathering, making clothes, and building shelter all must be done by hand, so it's better to have someone to help you. Perhaps one of you can hunt while the other mends clothing. Together, there is a better chance of survival, and this is needed. There are, after all, other creatures that lurk in the darkness. Like the ancient peoples, you'll find safety in numbers around the campfire.

The drive of survival is not the only force at work, though. The deity that has created this world for you has a goal in mind: they want to create a beautiful new place, inhabited by a society that is peaceful and loving and simple, like in the olden days. The two of you are the beginning of this new society and new world. To help things along, the air, the fruit, the water has all been modified for certain...beneficial properties. Certain fruits will make you have an attraction and affection, something almost like love or devotion, for your companion. Others will increase fertility. Bathing in or drinking water from any of the many streams can cause your body to change in many ways, from enlarged sexual organs, wider hips for birthing, to increased sexual appetite and stamina. But all of these things, food, water, and air will cause the most important change. You will forget. You will forget about your old world, your old life, your old lovers, your old friends. Such memories can only bring you sadness, and the new world needs none of that. Soon, the only thing on your mind will be how you dote on your companion, your workmate, your lover and the progeny the two of you will create.

Prompt Ideas

( None of these are mandatory; rather, they are ideas that can fit in the setting. Feel free to play as if your character(s) have been here for as little or as long as you like, and you're welcome to play en media res with them already gone "native." )

1. The Arrival You've just woken up and found yourself alone in this place with only one other person.
2. Exploration You learn the layout of the land or admire the beauty before you.

1. Offering You must go to the temple and make offering to the god of this world. This offering is not one of your crops or game, but rather one of your flesh. You must copulate for the honor of the gods.
2. Food for the Winter Whether it be hunting or gathering, you must get food for the cold months ahead. Be sure not to get distracted.

1. The Fruit of Knowledge Suddenly, you're awakened to just how beautiful and wonderful your companion is. How could you not have seen it before?
2. Mating Season The urges for sex are strong these days, almost...primal

1. A Shelter from the Cold If you haven't already built one, you must build a shelter to protect you from the wind and snow. Or, if you have, it's a good time to stay indoors with you partner.
2. The Fruits of Our Labor Enjoy the food and resources you've put away for the winter. Of course, the fruit might have gotten a little stronger with age.


  • I wanted to make something that would have a similar "feel" to the Breeding Stable post, and I came up with this! Like that post, it has the potential for random pairings and the reason for interaction. There is also the drive for reproduction and for pairing off, though here it is more organic and much less at the forefront. You can take as much or as little of those elements as you want.
  • As per usual, comment with your characters, using the regular format (Name | Canon | Preferences)
  • You can leave your comment blank if you wish, but there are two other options. The first is to come up with a scenario, and the second is to fill out a short form to let others know about your character.

    Character Name:
    Yes: For kinks/ideas
    No: For kinks/ideas
    Short Discription of Character: Nothing fancy. For example, "Sally is a tough pirate girl. She loves her friends and her pet parrot, Jimmy."

  • Respect each other and have fun!


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